Educational Ambassador  2015 Tekkie Tax Day

Tekkie Tax is the best way to go if your heart is open and you want to make a difference – because in this campaign you can have the assurance that your sticker and shoelace donations REALLY have an impact in somebody’s life. Since the inception of the campaign only 4 years ago, we have a lot of testimonials from all around the coutnry to testify that by participating on Tekkie Tax Day: they saved a life.

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Influencer for Afrika Tikkun, Life Change Competition

An organisation taking a child from cradle to career. Through the ‘Like Change ‘ campaign this year 2015,  have a target of 1million likes on their social media plaforms which will see Afrika Tikkun’s partners, sponsors and donor release the funds that will nurture 5000 children from toddler to adult and introduce them into the Jobs, through the influence of Influencers in their social media circles.


Mentor for CEO Magazine’s Mentor Me 24/7

“This programme is designed to develop young people in business to become
confident in whichever leadership path they are following, whether as a career
based or entrepreneurial based individual. Being mentored by leaders in society
will allow these people the unique opportunity to gain all the benefits that a
formally structured programme offers. 

Their Mentors will become their teacher, guide, counsellor, motivator, sponsor,
advisor, role model, referral agent and door opener. Their broad based growth
will come from getting to know their Mentor and potentially understanding a
different sector to their own. These individuals will experience knowledge
sharing and skills transfer that will create an environment that allows them to
climb to the top of their profession, industry or entrepreneurial environment.”
Word from the CEO